Terms & Conditions

Terms, Conditions, Fine Print & Rules

To our beloved user of this site...

As it goes with all great things in life, rules & regulations play a very important part of this medium as much as it would in your mother's house...

So just to touch base on these mentioned R&R's, please be sure to read carefully & adhere to our "guidelines".

The hardcore details...

  • Red Room (Pty) Ltd reserves the right to refuse service to any person or entity browsing or using this site.
  • www.redroom.co.za remains the sole property of Red Room (Pty) Ltd, trading under an Anonymous holding company within the borders of South Africa.
  • Red Room (Pty) Ltd obeys the South African Law & will pursue to ensure it's users are made aware of any illegal activity they are taking part in whilst utilizing this medium.
  • All products, logo's, proprietary media, branding, trade names, brands & branding remain the sole property of their owners or brands, and Red Room (Pty) Ltd acts as a reseller/distributor of these respective brands & companies, and will ensure that the guidelines & marketing requirements are met at all times to ensure customer satisfaction. No customer is allowed to bad mouth & partake in any activity which causes losses, breaking down of a brand, defacing or attacking any of the hosted brands or products on www.redroom.co.za
  • This site may go offline at any time, whilst the holding company acknowledges such an event, with or without prior consent to any person or medium due to any reason they so wish to express. We apologize in advance should such an event occur but we assure the user that this would be for an enhancement of the already excellent experience.
  • Red Room reserves the right to prosecute any person or entity making use of this site whilst engaging in illegal activity. We also reserve the right to inform any local or international law enforcement of such activity & assist in tracing any involved parties with the intent to pursue justice. As result of the latter, it is also reserved that Red Room (Pty) Ltd, or any of it's affiliates or partners may seek legal advice or representation before referring to any local or international authority.

The lesser hard details...

  • Deliveries are stock dependent. Should we not have stock in our warehouse, we will order the required stock from our trusted supplier(s). This process may take anything between 4-8 hours depending on the communication quality between us & the respective supplier(s).
  • Should a product not be available from the suppliers, a different similar item will be offered to the purchaser, or an option for a full refund into store credit. The purchaser may also mutually agree to wait for the products to arrive back in stock from the factories in question.
  • Some products are sourced internationally & may take a day or two longer. You will be informed of an ETA to when your purchased product(s) will arrive on your doorstep.
  • Third Party Courier & forwarding services are being utilized, thus making it a bit harder to exactly track & trace a product which is due for delivery, but Red Room will provide an automated tracking number which can be used on the website of the mentioned partner.
  • Stock packaging is checked & verified before shipment takes place to ensure products are sent in excellent condition.
  • All products are brand new, and due to the nature of our product offerings we unfortunately do not accept any returns for reasons other than very explicitly communicated points. Should a product be defective, broken, out of box failure or damaged in transit, we will request the product back. The product will be shipped directly to it's supplier or factory, whom will assess the warranty claim & respond accordingly. For any other unsatisfactory reason, we cannot accept any products back, due to hygiene reasons. Incorrect size ordering may be discussed as a return item, should this be mutually agreed between Red Room (Pty) Ltd & it's respective client.
  • Full payments are required to clear in our South African bank account before products can be ordered/dispatched. Please be sure to make use only of our Banking Details as displayed on this website to prevent any loss or fraud. We also offer a very secure online payment platform to ensure safety & security of our client's financial information.
  • We will never share your information with anyone else, including our holding company or partners. This is not a data capturing service, but in fact a professional service.

These terms & conditions can be changed or updated at any time without any prior notice. Should any dispute or query arise, please email us on info@redroom.co.za for assistance & information.